Steve Rushby

UI Automation with Geb & Spock (Part 1)

Maven, Groovy, Selenium, IntelliJ

I've recently moved on from a .Net software developer role have started working with Java. A recent project requirement for the creation of a testing framework from scratch led to my discovery of the groovy based Geb wrapper (pronounced jeb) and the Spock framework.

Geb is described as "bringing together the power of . . .

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April 03, 2017

Getting Started: Selenium Automation C#

Object Oriented UI tests using Page Objects and SpecFlow

There's plenty of guides online describing what Selenium does and how to get up and running with Visual Studio and SpecFlow - so I won't go into too much detail here. I want to focus on maintainability and reusability. I've stayed away from using any of the Selenium wrappers for this post, and will be blogging about those in the . . .

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February 11, 2016